real estate lead generation

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

One might say, success in real estate depends on how effectively one can find new prospects. Today, a large number of real estate leads take place through the internet so there are many different ways to get new leads to your business. Potential buyers will often perform research online before calling a realtor’s office and this is where most real estates lead generating occurs. The process of generating leads is more successful if one can get information in front of potential buyers through a website or blog.


Real estate is a highly competitive industry and this means the competition is fierce. A well-maintained website can give you an edge over your competitors by creating a website that is relevant to your niche. A good website also allows potential buyers to get to know you and your business better. This is a great way to create real estate leads and by developing a professional website and using search engine optimization techniques you will be able to get leads that would otherwise be hard to get.

Lead Channels

Real estate leads can come from many sources including classified ads. This is one of the leading real estate lead generators but the problem is that the cost for this leads is very high. However, if you build your website and use the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN you can create traffic that can help with your overall business. The main key to getting this traffic is to build it organically and not pay per click.

The next type of site is called blogging. Blogs allow you to post content and these posts can have links to your website at the bottom of the page. You can get leads from blogs as long as they contain a good amount of relevant content. Many blog directories exist that allow you to submit your blog and if you put valuable content in the blog you will have the opportunity to get more leads.

real estate lead generation

Many realtors believe that press releases can be very useful and they also believe that this type of release is one of the best real estate lead generators. When someone reads about your property, you want them to visit your website so you can provide them with more information. A press release can contain a photo of the property and a description and this is one of the easiest real estate lead generators to create.

Social media is one of the most popular forms of advertising today and many realtors use this method to advertise their business. These social sites are great for finding leads as long as they allow a free profile which means that potential buyers can view profiles of other people who are interested in buying homes. They can follow someone else who is selling homes or contact other people who are looking for homes. You can also add them to email lists that will lead to an automatic mailing list so that the email you send out contains more information and this leads to an even higher level of success.

Popular Ideas

One of the most commonly used real estate lead generating ideas is to post articles and blog entries about your business and then have them listed in different sites like EzineArticles, the article directory and MySpace and Facebook. This type of strategy is very effective because many people read these websites and you can get new leads through this. These types of sites allow people to see what you have to offer through articles that they can use in creating an opt-in email.

These are only a few real estate leads generating ideas that can be used to get leads. One more idea to consider is that many realtors can work with their customers to build a website to provide additional information so that they will be informed about what they can do for their home.

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